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Top 3 phrases that’ll create sexual tension

  1. "Make me",
  2. "oh really",
  3. "is that so"

"prove it"

"What’s in it for me?"

"The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people and peaking in Europe in the years 1348–50 CE."

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deep sea


deep sea

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No matter which path you choose, it’s normal to have a lingering attachment to the paths you didn’t choose. That’s why there’s no such thing as a choice without regrets. That’s why there’s no such thing as a right answer in life. You need to believe the path you choose is the right answer and make it the right answer. That’s all. Living without having regrets on the choices I made, that is the right answer in life.

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Omoide Emanon by TSURUTA Kenji

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He’s gone. He’s really gone. After all that has happened between us. He has left me alone. He built me up, to then destroy his own creation. I was only his second quality. And I thought I would be his masterpiece. But I wasn’t. I was only a little project. Nothing more. Only art, which no longer impressed him. Now he’s gone. Searching for a new art-project. And I think he never come back. He never build me up again. He left me broken. And since then, I can’t breath. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.

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In our culture, many of us idealize love. We see it as some lofty cure-all for all of life’s problems. Our movies and our stories and our history all celebrate it as life’s ultimate goal, the final solution for all of our pain and struggle. And because we idealize love, we overestimate it. As a result, our relationships pay a price.

When we believe that “all we need is love,” then like Lennon, we’re more likely to ignore fundamental values such as respect, humility and commitment towards the people we care about. After all, if love solves everything, then why bother with all the other stuff — all of the hard stuff?

But if, like Reznor, we believe that “love is not enough,” then we understand that healthy relationships require more than pure emotion or lofty passions. We understand that there are things more important in our lives and our relationships than simply being in love. And the success of our relationships hinges on these deeper and more important values.

Love is Not Enough - Mark Manson (via brutereason)

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"The heart is not like a box that gets filled up; it expands in size the more you love." 
Her (dir. Spike Jonze, 2013)

"The heart is not like a box that gets filled up; it expands in size the more you love." 

Her (dir. Spike Jonze, 2013)

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